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Monday, December 04, 2006

Pavement Shoes

(The music in the video is "Planes on a Runway" by The Popravinas)

Sometimes filming has its perks. This is the first time I've actually stopped in Lawrenceville to enjoy the atmosphere and burgeoning artistic sentiment--and the shopping.

Pavement shoes welcomed us with open arms, and the above video is an excerpt from this week's episode of STBD. Jessica, the owner, is sweet and fashion savvy. She and her team have created a boutique with flair, the likes of which I've rarely seen outside of Europe. From the quirky collection of shoes to the decor and the adorable spiky coyotes (available for purchase!), I'm thoroughly in love with Pavement.

Accessories? Yes please. Plus handmade jewelry, bags, scarves, and gloves by other (local?) artists. I bought some opaque grey tights by Biella (crucial for winter) and these fantastic earrings. Both quite reasonably priced, I might add.

Which leaves me more money for shoes. At Pavement, you have a selection that indicates a careful and discerning eye. Almost everything seems unique, completely unlike what you might discover on the racks at your average Macy's or DSW. And that's the point . These shoes aren't exactly cheap; but they are quality pieces that won't only hold up, but will stand out.

Guaranteed compliments; I promise.

They carry brands that I so rarely see in Pittsburgh, including one of my favorites: Seychelles. Extra padding means more comfort in high heels. In these, I can usually make it through the night at the bar, including trips back and forth from the car. A feat when dealing in f-me shoes.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger STBD said...

What I dig about Pavement Shoes? New York style, Pittsburgh vibe. Interesting cross-mix of friendly service and premium product, with just enough quirk to remind you that you're in a one-of-a-kind boutique.


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